A Welcoming

Greetings! Welcome to my blog and thank you for checking out my space here.

I have been battling starting a blog again for quiet some time now. Writing for me has always been such a bittersweet experience. I love to hate it and hate to love it. I feel like I have so much to say and absolutely nothing at all. I am afraid this is just the way a writer is wired,though. So, here I am giving this whole thing a go again.

The last time I had a blog I was in high school, so a lot has changed since then. Now, I am a new Mommy and engaged to my best friend. I am filled with such emotion everyday and I want to do my best to articulate it through this blog. I am a little rusty at pouring my heart out, so bare with me.

My life now is like something out of a dream. I always hoped and prayed that I would be lucky enough to wake up to somebody I love everyday and that we would create a life together. While I would like to say I got exactly what I wanted, that is just not the case. I got so much more than I ever imagined.

You see, I had always heard that one day everything in your life, all the good and the bad, they will collide and you will be exactly sure why everything brought you to where you are. But, I was skeptical, especially after a few really rough years of failed relationships and no place to call home. Then, just when I had accepted the fact that love was cruel and being alone wasn’t so bad, I met my Sam.

My Sam is the hero of this story. He saved me or maybe I saved him, but regardless I am just so sure that the two of us were made for saving. Saving each other, saving the idea that true love does exist, saving the idea that  some babies are made out of pure love, and just saving the world around us, as best we can.

Don’t worry though, this story isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. I am in need of processing my pain and meeting my demons face to face. I am in need of long 2am writings in hopes of processing my sadness and welcoming it alongside my happiness.

I am at such a transition in my life right now as I am entering motherhood,  preparing to become a wife, and ending old toxic relationships while welcoming and longing for new healthy friendships. I feel as though this is the perfect time to begin writing again.

I hope that this expression of emotion, the truth of such real happiness and such real sadness, comes through on this blog & maybe just maybe somewhere along the way we will discover the art of composure.


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