You Win Some, You Lose Some

Today was one of those days where parenthood makes you want to put vodka in your much needed coffee. Between my cat (Princess Pumpkin) and my adoring son, I was on the struggle from the early hours of the morning. Theodore woke at 5am and has been a lot more difficult today than most & Pumpkin has decided to find every single opportunity to claw my butt ,unexpectedly, that she can. Thankfully, Theo is an incredibly baby. He is so smart and generally very good. But, when he is difficult, boy is he difficult. Today felt like I lived through several battles and nearly survived any of them. After twelve hours of non-stop mom-ing I am sitting down with a mimosa watching my fiancé make us dinner. I am so thankful that even on the worst days and through the stressful times, I am so in love with the life I am building. Thank God for moments like this after days like these.

On a positive note, I have been on this progress kick where I am constantly wanting to work on my house and my yard. Sam and I have spent the last two weeks or so staying really busy doing productive and positive things for our home and our life. Its actually pretty addictive, especially since for the past year we have been bed bodies due to my difficult pregnancy and our love of netflix-ing. I am really proud of us. We have been working really hard on both the inside and outside of our house. It has been such a learning process to move into this home that needed A LOT of TLC  and watch it transform with our family. Some of our projects have really turned out awesome and some have turned out nothing like we planned. I am very excited that I am finally able to decorate and create a space that makes me happy. Our home has truly become my happy place. I look forward spending more and more of my time dedicated to building a beautiful homestead and writing about the experiences we are learning. I will be sharing some of our DIY, Crafts, Home Improvement and cleaning skills, along with some amusing tales of Sam and I through the process.

I hope that our story can encourage everyone that with a little effort and a lot of patience you can turn a house into a gorgeous home.


*Stay Tuned for my craft/DIY section coming in the next few days!*


The Sound of Silence

I used to hate the sound of my own thoughts. It really used to be a problem for me when I was younger. I would do just about anything to keep my thoughts from over flowing in my head. I eventually learned to hate the sound of silence.  I constantly had music playing, a TV on, or was talking to myself at the very least. I would do anything to keep from being silent. By time I realized it was a problem I was scared to embrace the quiet.

Yesterday as I was rocking my son to sleep, the only sound I could hear was the whisper of the wind and the singing bird voices, & I realized in that moment how much I LOVE the quiet moments now. I honestly didn’t think that would ever happen. Between constantly over thinking, over analyzing everything, and always studying human nature, my mind was always a chaotic mess. Everything in my life has been out of control for as long as I can remember and sometimes my thoughts got really weird and some even really bad. Now, I am in such a state of happiness and bliss. I may still think a thousand miles a minute but I feel a lot more in control of my life and especially my thoughts. I have really pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone so that I can face fears, such as being in complete silence or allowing my thoughts to overtake my anxieties.

For me, one of the best ways to accomplish this was learning to shut everything off. Taking baby steps like not listening to music when I work out and focusing on the sound of my breathing (heavy breathing, I might add) , or turning off the TV and opening the window to focus on the sound of bird melodies, or putting my phone down before I am ready to go to sleep to allow my thoughts to bring me to slumber, all of these things have truly changed the amount of stress and anxiety in my life.

I am falling in love with silence for the first time, its intoxicating & its really beautiful.  I feel like I am balancing out the constant intake of information.

Whether you have struggled with letting the quiet in or if you enjoy the silence more than anything…take a moment to just exist.



Teriyaki Chicken Bowls


I LOVE this recipe. Sam and I have been trying to eat healthier but still enjoy our meals. We love food, especially international style food, so we like to try a lot of new things.  This is one is one of our very favorites and one of the healthiest and quickest to make! Check it out and tell me what you think!


The Incomplete

I’ve been trying to write a new post for several days now but it just isn’t that simple anymore. I thought writing was hard before I became a new mom…now it just seems damn near impossible. Lately it feels like all of my thoughts are incomplete before I am moving on to the next one. I am in such a transition in my life right now and I am desperately trying to grasp on to all of the moving parts. I just recently moved into my first home, got engaged and became a new mother. All of the dreams I created in my head as a little girl have all started to come to life. Its overwhelming.  I am ready to start trying to take all these incomplete thoughts about my home, about becoming a new mother, about maintaing a strong healthy relationship and most importantly about this transition of becoming myself and.. I want to make these thoughts & feelings whole. I am going to be spending as much time as I can be (in between the chaos, so not as frequently as I’d like) working on this blog…..I believe or maybe just hope that my thoughts can impact someones life. So, heres to working through all this and hopefully being able to formulate it for you all to read.

I am hoping to get some yummy recipes as well as a little life update up in the next couple of days, stay tuned!