The Art of Self Fulfillment

Today I am feeling happy and proud. I am thinking that the luxury of getting to sleep in ,with my babies and my man this morning, has a lot to do with it. It truly is crazy how much sleep effects all aspects of your life and health. But, aside from a night of much needed rest I am also feeling happy because I feel like I am finally getting in touch with myself again. After having spending the last year focusing all my time and energy on having a baby and starting a family, I am ready to spend some time on me again.

I am so happy with the way my home has turned out and how perfect my sweet little family is but there is definitely some aspects in my life that I feel are lacking and in need of some attention, especially my career. I have sort of hit a brick wall of “what do I do now that I am a Mom and I have to put my family first?”  I feel like at this point I should know what I want to do but I feel further from the answer everyday.

I want to have a successful career that brings me and joy and that I am proud but I just have no idea in what field. I have so many things I want to pursue that I am scared to do any of them. I am at sort of at a stand still in my job at the moment where I am currently unable to make a change but I want to begin preparing myself now, so that when I am ready I am can be  as prepared as possible.

Since I need some help figuring out some things in my head, I decide this is a great outlet. I am going to be trying a lot of new things that I will be sharing my experience on in a new series “The art of Self fulfillment.”

Today, I am starting a new series that is a little out of my comfort zone but I can already tell its going to be great. Today, I took a step toward bettering my mental health by seeing a doctor and working through some things. Today, I woke up genuinely excited about the day for the first time in a while, and for that I am feeling fulfilled and thankful. What are some things you do that fulfill you? What made you sure what career path to choose? Tell me all about your self fulfillment journey and stay tuned for mine!



Bottle Tree


I have been feeling very into arts and crafts lately and I wanted to share one of my favorite projects with you all!This one is still a work in progress but I am already so happy with the way it has turned out. Sam and I have made our own bottle tree! We have kept all of our glass bottles and strung them up on one of our favorite  trees. Our plan is to put LED or battery operated lights in the bottles so that they glow at night, giving the tree a very warm and fairy like feel.



In the midst of all our crazy, Sam and I have fallen in love with taking care of our house along with and especially gardening. So far we have planted Sunflowers(Sam’s Babies), Squash, Tiger Lilly’s, Peppers, Pumpkins, Watermelon, and a variety of other plants. We have added some wind chimes and lawn decor, including a plethora of string lights and some beautiful succulents! It is really starting to feel cozy out there.  I am so excited to have such a beautiful space outside to make memories, not to mention, create produce for us to live off of.

There are so many outdoor projects I want to start but much like anything else, I am struggling to find the time.  But, I am really proud of all that we have accomplished in just the last two months. I cannot wait to see how far our garden is going to come over the next few years.

What are some of your favorite DIY garden projects? Do you have any garden tips that have helped you? Where is the best place to get supplies and flowering?  We are currently looking into composting, fairy gardens, and growing produce. Any tips in these areas or really any outdoor advice would much appreciated, I would love to get in touch with all my garden friends out there!

Keeping My Eye on The Prize

For those of you still bearing with me through this whole venture, thank you and greetings! I am definitely still mastering the art of balance. After returning back to work and still adjusting to parenthood and being a new mom, I feel like I am in a whirlwind.

Since I have a few free minutes I decided I would give a little life update. I have returned back to my job after twelve blissful weeks of family time and baby snuggles. I had hoped that I wouldn’t have to return to work after having Theodore, but not everything has gone according to plan. Surprising, right? Because when does life ever really go as planned? Atlas, I am back at my job and embracing  being a working Mom. Thankfully, I have been able to go back to work part time which has made leaving Theodore a lot more bearable. It has been very healthy for me to have a reason to have to leave the house multiple times a week and to have various social interactions.  Its crazy how much you don’t realize you have secluded yourself after having a baby.

The balance of work and family is starting to become manageable, although I am always begging for more time with my boys in our little infinity.

But, for a few weeks things did not seem manageable.

I was trying to  keep myself very tightly together and suddenly everything started to feel out of control. I blame sleep deprivation first and for most. I also blame postpartum because the whole experience is just so damn much, not to mention the ragging and changing hormones.

For a few days I feel like I really lost my composure and in those days I learned some very valuable things.

  • For one, you can’t give up. If you give up and you quit then you will never know how far you can go. There have been so many days from my pregnancy to today (three months postpartum) that I all I wanted was to give up. Knowing what I know now, all I would change was my negative attitude and faith in my ability to handle the storm and ride out the waves.
  • For two, you can’t stress about life. No matter what you’re going to have struggles and life is going to test you. The more you stress about it the more you are wasting your time and energy, which is quiet limited if you think about it.
  • For three, it really helps to talk about your feelings. As cliche as it is, it’s true. Just talking out the thoughts in your head can help any situation. I found myself feeling all this pint up negative energy leave my body as soon as I started talking about the way I was feeling.
  • Lastly, keep goals in front of you. After a few months of things not going at all the way we have planned, I am proud to say we have pushed  through all the bullshit and are still battling strong. How? By setting goals everyday. We started with little ones and tackled big goals we had for months, all within a few weeks.

I am so thankful that I have had a partner to go through the trenches with and a family that loves and helps us as we endure adulthood and parenthood. I am finally feeling like things are settling down again and I am able to gather myself. With that being said, I am hoping to keep the updates coming and dedicate more time to this venture of mine.