In the midst of all our crazy, Sam and I have fallen in love with taking care of our house along with and especially gardening. So far we have planted Sunflowers(Sam’s Babies), Squash, Tiger Lilly’s, Peppers, Pumpkins, Watermelon, and a variety of other plants. We have added some wind chimes and lawn decor, including a plethora of string lights and some beautiful succulents! It is really starting to feel cozy out there.  I am so excited to have such a beautiful space outside to make memories, not to mention, create produce for us to live off of.

There are so many outdoor projects I want to start but much like anything else, I am struggling to find the time.  But, I am really proud of all that we have accomplished in just the last two months. I cannot wait to see how far our garden is going to come over the next few years.

What are some of your favorite DIY garden projects? Do you have any garden tips that have helped you? Where is the best place to get supplies and flowering?  We are currently looking into composting, fairy gardens, and growing produce. Any tips in these areas or really any outdoor advice would much appreciated, I would love to get in touch with all my garden friends out there!


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